Gets a Makeover, Thanks to RebelMouse has become dynamic and social, thanks to RebelMouse.

A year or two ago, I created almost ALL of my content via blogging. I wrote 2,400+ articles on Mashable, and I was blogging pretty often on

Things have changed, though. Much of the content I would normally blog about appears instead on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Socialcam. Sure, I still blog (have you seen my awesome CNET Column yet?), but I’m spending almost all of my time on work that doesn’t involve blogging (announcements soon).

As a result, got stale and static. It was boring. The last blog post on it was more than a month old. It didn’t reflect all the things I’m doing. It didn’t represent a dynamic life, and it didn’t incorporate all of my activity on the web.

So I asked my friends at RebelMouse to help me fix that. You will notice that the homepage of has been completely transformed — it now contains all of my social activity, in one neat little package. It updates automatically, whether it’s my column from CNET or a new Socialcam video. It feels like my blog has come back from the dead.

Thank you Megan Berry and the RebelMouse team for helping make this happen. And Thanks to Lerer and TC for the inspiration.

Expect more improvements in the coming months (you’ll notice the width of the main column has been expanded), along with a new coat of paint sometime next year. And as always, if you want to see past posts, you can just hop over to the Archives.

Let me know what you think of the new in the comments!

~ Ben