The Ashley Madison Hack App I Want

Update: I’ve changed my mind on this, based on a lot of rational arguments and a little more thinking. I do not have much sympathy for cheaters for a multitude of reasons, but it’s no reason to brand them. And since some of the data is fake, it’s even more problematic.

Not everyone who signed up for Ashley Madison was on it to cheat, and not everyone’s situation is the same. But overall, using a dating site like A.M. demonstrates bad judgement. Very bad judgement. That’s the opposite of the type of people I want to work with.

So I want a simple Chrome extension for Gmail that highlights any email in my inbox that was released in the Ashley Madison hack. I’d like to know if an entrepreneur who is pitching me is/was lying to his or her spouse. I’d like to know if anybody sending me a message has dubious character and judgement.

Again, not a perfect solution and certainly context is necessary, but it would be nice to know.