Announcing New Keynotes on Psychology, AI, and Storytelling

Today, I’m announcing a new series of talks in partnership with Worldwide Speakers Group (WWSG)! These new talks build upon my wealth of Captivology research, along with the experience I’ve gained through investing, Octane AI, and Mashable.

Here are some of my new topics:

  • Bots and the Power of Conversational Storytelling
  • Captivating Our Attention: Lessons from Tech’s Great Innovators
  • Attention Psychology for Brands: How to Make Launches and Campaigns More Captivating

If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, you can check out my speaker pages at or

It’s been an incredible time being a public speaker. I’ve gotten to travel to Washington, D.C., Dubai, Singapore, Tampa Bay, and everywhere in-between. It’s been even more amazing to meet execs and thought leaders in every industry: beauty, logistics, events, marketing, medical and more.

I feel very lucky.

~ Ben