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Fuck You, Patent Trolls

This type of shit just boils my blood. From GigaOm:

Just days after Hipmunk’s June funding announcement, a company called i2z Technology LLC told the travel start-up that it has to buy a license

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See Google’s Self-Driving Car in Action [VIDEO]

This is the future, people. If Google make this into a consumer product, their stock price will go through the roof.

There are lots of mental and technological barriers to break first, though.


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Volunteer for a Social Experiment

Why do people decide to share what they share? What makes something go viral? What kind of things can companies do to encourage more sharing from their users?

These are the types of questions that

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Why Women Are Failing at Salary Negotiations

Women are still paid far less than men on average. Women make approximately 0.77 cents to every dollar a man makes, according to Time Magazine.

There are a lot of contributing factors to this problem,

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The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Groupon(‘s Stock Price)

The day before the Groupon IPO, a friend not in the tech industry asked me what I thought about the IPO. “Do you foresee the company’s stock going up a lot?” he asked me.

I had

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2,446 Articles Later, A Goodbye to Mashable

Dear friends, family, colleagues and supporters,

Friday, November 18, was my last day at Mashable. I want to thank the Mashable team for 3+ amazing years. They truly have been the best years of

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An Interview With the World’s Most Famous Skeptic [VIDEO]

On Sunday, I made another appearance on NBC’s Press:Here. In this edition of the program, NBC’s Scott McGrew, BBC’s Maggie Shiels

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A Revolution Is…

About a year ago, my friend Amber Rae asked me to contribute to an ebook she was writing. It was about the “ah ha moment”

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Talking About Tech Bubbles & More at the Dublin Web Summit [VIDEO]

The good people over at Dublin-based Websites Made Easy recorded and edited a talk I gave at the Dublin Web Summit in March. My talk, “The

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Life as an Entrepreneur Can Be Hell (Make Sure It’s for You)

VC and GRP Partner Mark Suster had a fantastic piece in TechCrunch on what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and how it isn’t for the feint of heart.

While I suggest reading it in its entirety,

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