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Is There Any Value in Twitter-Based Applications?

By every definition (except revenue), Twitter was a major success in 2008. It grew from under 500,000 unique visits to nearly 2.5 million in November.

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When You Need a Break, Always Turn to Shiba Inu Puppies.

Every once in a while, you need to pause from work, pick up a good book, and lay down on your couch. I know a lot of us have the impulse to work all the time, through weekends and through our lives,

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Tracking your Finances Online is Even More Important With a Bad Economy

A lot of people who read my blog probably already have decent habits tracking finances, but I have been surprised before. The point of this quick blog post is to simply say this: tracking

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Entrepreneur Idol Finals: Streaming Live from Northwestern U.

I am live at Northwestern University for Entrepreneur Idol, a midwest college entrepreneurship competition between teams from eight midwest schools for a $25,000 top

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Celebration Time!

I am proud to say that when you search for Ben

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So I'm going to do an online show on Technology and the Economy.

So last week, I was, well, coerced into doing an online show. It became a show about the impact of the economy on technology, two areas of which I have some expertise, and people got to ask

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It's Time We Defined Social Media. No More Arguing. Here's the Definition:

A nice side-effect of tracking the blogosphere’s reaction to my Mashable post on Social Media Jobs has been a debate on the definition of Social Media. What the hell is it?

I agree –

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There's a Reason Health Websites Make More Money than Technology Blogs

People need medication to relieve their pain.
People don’t need another way to bookmark and share websites.

People need to learn about their options in battling cancer.

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The Goal of my upcoming blog TechThrill: Make technology easier and more useful.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has visited my article on the things Google would do

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You're Not Going to Change the World (or become renouned) by Sitting On Your Ass.

I thought I would remind everyone of that. In the meantime, I am working on the design of my new multimedia weblog (multilog? mlog? I haven’t though of a name since it isn’t completely

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