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Talking #Captivology on MSNBC

Earlier today, I appeared on MSNBC’s Your Business to discuss how small businesses can leverage Captivology for their companies.

Check out the video from my appearance above! And as always, let

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Captivology in the New York Post!

Captivology in The New York Post Ben Parr

You can pre-order Captivology before it hits store shelves on March 3rd!

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My thoughts on TMZ’s iPhone “Scoop” on CNBC [VIDEO]

Yesterday, I hopped on CNBC to talk about TMZ’s new iPhone on Closing Bell. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t buying it.

Check out the video:

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Announcing “Captivology”, My Book on the Science of Attention (HarperCollins/2015)

Dear friends, family, colleagues, and supporters,

I'm thrilled to announce my first non-fiction book, working title "Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention", due in early 2015 from HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins.

I hope you will sign up for updates on Captivology through my book's website. You can follow @Captivology on Twitter or like Captivology on Facebook. You can also follow @BenParr for regular updates. And finally, here's a link for sharing this announcement.

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Is Apple’s Tim Cook on the Money with Changing U.S. Tax Laws? My Thoughts on CNBC [VIDEO]

Ben Parr on CNBC Apple

I dropped by CNBC this afternoon to discuss an issue that will dominate the headlines this week — a proposal by Apple CEO Tim Cook to simplify the tax laws regarding the repatriation of

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Rocking Google Glass on NBC’s Press: Here [VIDEO]

I dropped by NBC Bay Area recently for NBC’s Press: Here to interview some awesome people, including Hipmunk CEO Adam Goldstein and Zoosk CEO Shayan Zadeh.

But mostly, I dropped by to chat about

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Mark Zuckerberg Is an Awesome CEO. Watch Me Explain Why on CNBC [VIDEO]

I was on CNBC earlier today to answer the question, “Is Mark Zuckerberg In Over His Hoodie?”, facing off against Silverback Social CEO Chris Dessi.

My argument was simple: Facebook stock

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My Thoughts on Apple’s ($130B) Stacks of Cash on CNBC

Apple has $130 billion in cash, and nobody can seem to agree what the tech titan should do with it. That’s the impression I got from Greenlight partner David Einhorn’s recent suggestions

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Can Facebook Graph Search Make Money? My Thoughts on CNBC

By now you’ve probably heard about Graph Search, Facebook’s all-encompassing,

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My Thoughts on the Future of Tech on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV interviewed me at the Dublin Web Summit last week, asking for some of my predictions for what are going to be the future of tech. They also interviewed a few others, including the amazing

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