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The Three Things That Get Us Stuck [VIDEO]

In this video interview with Behind the Brand, I discuss the three key things that “get us stuck” — execution (or lack thereof), the grind, and the problem. Overcoming these three

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What Is a Brand? [VIDEO]

What is and isn’t a brand? How do we as a society create and perceive the brands of people and companies? And can you shape, define and build a brand that lasts?

A few weeks ago, I sat down with

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The Role of Visual Content in Storytelling [VIDEO]

Merely seeing the Disney or Apple logos will make you more creative. Why is that? What colors should you use if we want our logo to feel more exciting or rugged? Why does Amazon use orange and yellow

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John Boyega Wielding a Lightsaber [VIDEO]

My inner nerd is screaming for joy! Star Wars can’t come fast enough:

There has been an awakening… #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

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Influencer Marketing: It Works

The good people at eMarketer just published an analysis of influencer marketing campaigns, and they concluded something a lot of people have learned first-hand: influencer marketing works.


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You Shouldn’t Wear These Colors to a Job Interview [VIDEO]

Ben Parr talks Captivology on ABC News
Color has a profound effect on our attention and decision-making. For example, one color in particular will make you seem less credible to potential employers and clients.

In this ABC News interview,

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No, I Will Not Write About Your Client on TechCrunch for $500 or Any Amount of Money

Every once in a while, I receive an email that makes me say “WTF” and “EWWWWWW” at the same f**king time. Today, I received one of those emails from Sarah H., a PR freelancer

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Is Marketing an Art or a Science? [VIDEO]

Ben Parr Discussing Captivology

Is marketing more of an art or a science? Or perhaps the better question is: how can you use the science of attention to master the art of marketing?

In this video interview with Behind The Brand,

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The Ashley Madison Hack App I Want

Update: I’ve changed my mind on this, based on a lot of rational arguments and a little more thinking. I do not have much sympathy for cheaters for a multitude of reasons, but

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Some Thoughts on the Modern Media Landscape

I’ve been thinking a lot about media as an industry for the last few months, especially how it has changed since my time at Mashable and where the new generation of media entrepreneurs are

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