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Is Now the Best or Worst Time to Start Something? [VIDEO]

A lot of people are worried about China, Greece, and the markets in general. But should that stop you from starting a company or trying your hand at a new idea?

I deliver the answer eight seconds into

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The Three Things That Get Us Stuck [VIDEO]

In this video interview with Behind the Brand, I discuss the three key things that “get us stuck” — execution (or lack thereof), the grind, and the problem. Overcoming these three

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What Is a Brand? [VIDEO]

What is and isn’t a brand? How do we as a society create and perceive the brands of people and companies? And can you shape, define and build a brand that lasts?

A few weeks ago, I sat down with

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How to Captivate the Attention of Users, Customers and Investors [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, I spoke at The Startup Conference in Redwood City, CA, where I gave an international audience of entrepreneurs, investors and executives a preview of my new book

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Announcing “Startup Attention & PR 101”, Now on Udemy

My Experience Switching to a Standing Desk

Sitting kills. You’ve probably heard this by now, but I don’t think I can stress it enough.

In fact, it can increase your chance of an early death by up to 40%.

I don’t know about

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So You Want to Learn Ruby & Ruby on Rails…

Whenever I get the chance, I’ve been studying up on my programming. I taught myself PHP long ago and took classes in C during college, but that knowledge has rusted. To get my knowledge back

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Health and Your Body When You Sit In Front of a Computer All Day

I’d like to take a moment to point to a great post Mashable’s Jolie O’Dell wrote on her personal blog: Fat Bloggers: My Own Weight Loss Journey.

Here is an excerpt:

Here’s the

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What Does a Co-Editor Do, Anyway?

While I spend a lot of time on entrepreneurial projects (two iPhone apps and a novel I’m trying to get picked up), I am best known as the Co-Editor of Mashable. I started writing for Mashable

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Don't Rely on Anecdotal Evidence to Prove Your Point

The definition of Anecdotal Evidence, via Wikipedia:

(2) Evidence, which may itself be true and verifiable, used to deduce a conclusion which does not follow from it, usually by generalizing

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