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Updates on projects I’m working on

Oversubscribed: A New Podcast on Media and Tech with Jason L. Baptiste and Me!

I’m thrilled to announce that my friend Jason L. Baptiste (author, The Ultralight Startup; Founder, Onswipe and Morsel) and I have

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So… I’m Launching My Book Into Space to Raise Money for STEM Educaition!

Ben Parr's Captivology in Space

Official Announcement

My book is going into space! Well, as close as you can get without a multi-million dollar rocket! Thanks to the DREAMS project and the Columbus Space Program, my book is going to experience the

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Announcing “Captivology”, My Book on the Science of Attention (HarperCollins/2015)

Dear friends, family, colleagues, and supporters,

I'm thrilled to announce my first non-fiction book, working title "Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention", due in early 2015 from HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins.

I hope you will sign up for updates on Captivology through my book's website. You can follow @Captivology on Twitter or like Captivology on Facebook. You can also follow @BenParr for regular updates. And finally, here's a link for sharing this announcement.

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My Column Is Heading to CNET!

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining CNET and CBS Interactive as a contributing columnist and commentator!

Ever since

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The Rise of the Smart Assistant

Almost everybody wants to have an assistant, even if people won’t freely admit it. Who doesn’t want an extra set of hands to help out with chores, scheduling, reminders, meetings, reservations,

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Matt Schlicht Explains Tracks.By

In this video, Matt Schlicht, aka one of the best product managers I have ever met, pitches his newest startup,,

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Jumping Out of a Plane for Charity

I’m late adding this to my blog, but I still want to note it.

Two weeks ago, I agreed to help out the Leap for Life campaign to raise money and awareness for cancer research. To do this though,

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Moving across the country and Mashable have killed my blogging on, but still thousands of people are reading my posts. So, with my

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Moving to San Fran: Tweeting the Cross-Country Photostream

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, thus my updates have been even less frequent than usual. Normally I like to make my blog more about how to make you more productive as an

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Announcements: Mashable, Tech&Beer, and Moving to the San Francisco Bay

I have several major announcements to make, many of which you have seen if you’ve been following my Facebook or my Twitter stream.

1. I have left Spine-health:

If you did not know, I was the Interactive

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