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Influencer Marketing: It Works

The good people at eMarketer just published an analysis of influencer marketing campaigns, and they concluded something a lot of people have learned first-hand: influencer marketing works.


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Why We Invested in Shots

As you may have heard, the mobile app Shots has been on fire. It has over 5 million active users (and growing fast), just launched 3-second video, and

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My Column Is Heading to CNET!

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining CNET and CBS Interactive as a contributing columnist and commentator!

Ever since

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Today Is D-Day for Facebook, and Nobody Can Stop Talking About It

Facebook will reportedly file for IPO later today, and it has the entire tech world buzzing. It will be the only thing people will talk about when Facebook finally files its papers with the SEC.


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SOPA-related Tweets: 2.4 Million and Counting

Damn. I wonder if that’s the

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Instagram vs. Path vs. Color: The Battle for the Future of Mobile Social Networking

Instagram, Path and Color are three high-profile apps taking three different approaches to mobile social networking. Can all three co-exist?

You may think that these three apps have totally different

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Google Search Gets Personal; Should Facebook Be Scared?

Google has launched three new features that personalize its search engine in a radical way. It’s the biggest change to Google’s search engine since Google Instant.

Google has fused Google

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Six Months of Google+: Where Does Google’s Social Network Stand?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since the launch of Google+, the search giant’s social network and so-called Facebook/Twitter competitor.

Six months ago, there

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Seismic Shifts Have Radically Altered the Tech News and Blogging World

The landscape of the tech news and blogging world has been radically altered in the last year, and it just got another big jolt by the news that ReadWriteWeb has been acquired by SAY Media.


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Here Comes the Facebook IPO, Right On Schedule

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook’s IPO will drop between April and June of 2012. The company could potentially raise $10 billion with a valuation north of $100 billion,

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