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The Emperor (Groupon) Has No Clothes

Rob Wheeler at Harvard Business Review has a must-read piece on the health of the Groupon business model.

An excerpt:

“Groupon’s fundamental problem is that it has not yet discovered a viable

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Discussing Paywalls, Privacy & Tech Trends with Jeremiah Owyang on NBC’s Press:Here

I made a recent appearance this week on Press:Here, NBC Bay Area’s Sunday tech talk/interview show. Our interview this week was with Jeremiah Owyang, partner at Altimeter Group, web analyst/strategist,

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Top 7 Reasons to Donate to the Summer of Social Good

This summer, Mashable (where I am editor) has been part of a major charity drive:

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CNN Live: iPhone 3G S and AT&T Talk [Video]

I was on CNN Live once again, this time as part of the Friday ‘Tech Talk’. I discussed the new iPhone (and

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The Rise of the Freemium Business Model

During the Dot Com Bubble, the most popular business model was spend like hell to drive growth and buy million dollar Super Bowl ads. The focus was not on business models. After the

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Is There Any Value in Twitter-Based Applications?

By every definition (except revenue), Twitter was a major success in 2008. It grew from under 500,000 unique visits to nearly 2.5 million in November.

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Internet Celebrity: What the Hell Is it and How Do You Become One?

Internet celebrity is a unique, rather odd phenomenon. We as a culture (I’m talking U.S. here) have an almost unhealthy fascination with the latest

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My Panel with iJustine, Walt Ribeiro, and Gary Vaynerchuk at the New Media Expo

Live streaming video by Ustream

I hosted a panel on the future of online video on behalf

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Using Live Streaming to Support the Troops – Michelle Malkin and In Action

I’m always happy when Internet and tech tools do more than help fill up a few hours of boredom (i.e. YouTube and StumbleUpon)

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7 Things Google should (and probably would) do if it buys Digg

Update: Amazing response. Subscribe if you want more and watch for my new blog, TechThrill.
Not even

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