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How to Captivate the Attention of Users, Customers and Investors [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, I spoke at The Startup Conference in Redwood City, CA, where I gave an international audience of entrepreneurs, investors and executives a preview of my new book

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So… I’m Launching My Book Into Space to Raise Money for STEM Educaition!

Ben Parr's Captivology in Space

Official Announcement

My book is going into space! Well, as close as you can get without a multi-million dollar rocket! Thanks to the DREAMS project and the Columbus Space Program, my book is going to experience the

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Color Controversy: The Science of Why #TheDress Has Captivated Our Attention

What is #TheDress going viral?

You thought cops chasing llamas was going to be the meme of the week, but then #TheDress came along and shattered the entire Internet.

The meme started with a debate

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