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Mark Zuckerberg Is an Awesome CEO. Watch Me Explain Why on CNBC [VIDEO]

I was on CNBC earlier today to answer the question, “Is Mark Zuckerberg In Over His Hoodie?”, facing off against Silverback Social CEO Chris Dessi.

My argument was simple: Facebook stock

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Can Facebook Graph Search Make Money? My Thoughts on CNBC

By now you’ve probably heard about Graph Search, Facebook’s all-encompassing,

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Has Facebook Become Too Cautious for its Own Good?

Update 9/9/08: I’m pretty sure I was wrong on some of the points of this article. Facebook agressively launches features, and despite the slow rollout of the new facebook

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The next generation of Social Networks within "Web 3.0", Part 1

Announcing FriendQuilts: A dynamic way to share (and show off) videos and photos on Facebook!

Today is the official launch of FriendQuilts, a dynamic, useful, and incredible Facebook application that I firmly believe improves the usefulness of Facebook and will catch fire with Facebook users.


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