Uber, Getaround, HotelTonight, Postmates, and More: Ben Parr’s Promo Codes and Discounts


I probably have more than 150 apps on my phone. A ridiculous number, actually. It’s given some of my friends panic attacks just looking at all the red notification bubbles. But as former tech journalist, I’m compelled to try out every new product. And almost all of these products have promo codes. Want people to sign up for your app? Give your users promo codes — a discount for the referrer and a discount for the new user. It’s free money…sorta!

I realized a few weeks ago that I have literally dozens of these promo codes that I never do anything with. Free (sorta) money on the table. Better yet, a lot my friends and audience could benefit from these promo codes. So I decided to go through my phone and find every promo code I have, and put them in one place.

Looking for some new products to try? How about some discounts? I’ve got both of those for you! The list below are products and services I personally use and recommend. I list out the discounts and how to use them (or just link you directly to the discounts).


~ Ben


  • HotelTonight: Speaking of hotels, I religiously use the HotelTonight app for my bookings — last-minute deals, but also now lets you book 90 days into the future! The app itself is a pleasure to use. For $25 off your first hotel booking, use BPARR as your promo code. You can get the app here.
  • FoundersCard: A must have! Discounts on major airlines, hotels, and business services (like AT&T and Apple!). Use code FCBEN051 for $200 off your membership.
  • Airbnb: Ok, I can’t talk about hotels without talking about Airbnb, the Y Combinator-backed startup that lets you stay in awesome homes and places around the world. Get your first $40 of booking credit free with this link.
  • Getaround: Cars to drive, affordable and on-demand. Use my referral link to get $20 off.
  • Lyft: I can’t believe you’d still use a taxi. Use code Ben2540 for $50 of rides on your account.
  • Uber: Seriously, why do people use taxis? I’d be shocked if anyone in my network hasn’t signed up for Uber… but just in case, use either codes uberben or 3vd2b for free rides (new users only).
  • BLADE: Blade lets you travel in style through helicopters and private jets. Use code BenP793 when you sign up for $100 off your first flight or helicopter ride.

Business Tools



  • Coinbase: If you’re thinking about getting into cryptocurrency — Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. — no platform is better than Coinbase. Use this link to sign up and get $10 in Bitcoin after buying or selling $100 on Coinbase.
  • Acorns: Ever wanted to make money automatically? Well, Acorns doesn’t quite do that, but it definitely has made me thousands of dollars. Acorns rounds up from small transactions and puts them in high-growth investment funds to multiply your money. You don’t have to do anything while you make money! Get $5 to kick things off with my invite code.
  • American Express Platinum: This is one of the core cards I use every day for business — the Amex Platinum, which includes hundreds of dollars in perks (gold on SPG, airline credits, lounge access, etc.). Use this link to sign up and get 50,000 points free after spending $10k you first three months.


  • Hulu: How are you not using Hulu? South Park is there! Use my referral link for two weeks of Hulu for free.
  • Eaze Eaze is a fast-growing company for delivering medical marijuana on-demand. It’s available in California and soon all across the U.S. Use this link (code icbwwmi) to get $20 off your first order.
  • Postmates: Get food and last-minute items delivered to your door! Track the delivery too! Use code LJLU or this link when you sign up for $100 (yes, $100) in free delivery!
  • Soothe: Summon a massage to your home! Use my referral link (VNGTJ) to get $30 off your first massage.
  • Want to have your product added to this list? Contact me.